exceptional meals

We are committed to bringing you delicious meals that peek your interest and keep you wanting to come back for more. Beyond the food, we also want to develop exceptional relationships with all food enthusiasts. That way we can customize our weekly menu to suit your taste preferences.

Every day our Chefs create great tasting meals from scratch, using fresh ingredients sourced from local Canadian farms and suppliers. We want you to experience our passion for exceptional food service, so the iCanEat site provides you with both the direct email to your Chef and a Blog to tell us what you think of the food every day.   You are encouraged to take photos with the food and your friends, and then share those with your Chef.


We are passionate about the foods and ingredients we select, about the suppliers we choose and the respectful manner we handle and prepare the food you will consume. It is a big responsibility and we take it seriously. Our passion extends to the recipes and menus we develop to make your dining experience very special every day.